Sunday, August 4, 2019

Shark Week!

Long time, no bloggy.  Not only is it the end of Shark Week 2019 but it's been a very busy week in general in this household.  I managed to keep up on Instagram (@juliepeddicord) but couldn't find the time to sit down and blog.

My grandson Fin and I created a lot of cards in honor of Shark Week.  I've decided to group them all here in one post since most were not created for any type of online challenge.  Warning....this is going to be a very lengthy post.  Lots of cards but I'll try to keep with wording to a minimum.

You may remember my card for Sunday, the first day of Shark Week.  It was created for as part of a sketch challenge and posted previously.

For Day 2 of Shark Week I created this card using some creative masking and two sets from Avery Elle.  I don't know about you, but I think I'd find myself a different restaurant. 

This was my IG post on Tuesday.  It features another cute set from Avery Elle.  (They make the sweetest characters!)

I posted some bonus cards on Tuesday as well.   The cards were rather special because they were created by my grandson Fin. He takes his card making very seriously and got a little perturbed when I tried to make suggestions.  :-)  Turns out he didn't need my help at all...

(That would be a mint in his mouth, not a deformed tooth.  LOL!)

I made a spin (literally) from a campy SyFy movie called Sharknado to create my card for Wednesday.  I basically used everything from the two previously featured Avery Elle sets to create a spinning vortex of sharks.  I thought this was really fun but my teenage daughter didn't seem that impressed.  Oh well....

I recorded several of the Discovery Channel Shark Week shows for Fin and I to watch.  One of them featured Josh Gates, a baby seal decoy and a great white. The great white was caught on film doing this crazy upside down spin while attacking the decoy.  Using this idea I created a kid-friendly version with a spinner card for Thursday's IG post.  No baby seals were hurt during the making of this card.  *wink*

When opened the shark spins in the opening while the baby seals watch from a safe distance, albeit it very apprehensively.  

Friday's card was inspired by a Vineyard Vines Shark Week t-shirt that I bought earlier this summer for Fin.  This is the shirt....

And here is my card...

A bit more creative masking and I was able to transform the whale shark to a killer whale.  Both of the whale stamps are from a set by Ellen Hutson.  He really liked this one and recognized it immediately.

Fin was back on Saturday morning and asked if we could make more cards.  Love this guy!  :-)  Here is his card....

He was watching me do some ink blending and wanted to try his hand at it.  He also loved the little schools of fish from the Ellen Hutson s'whale set I used the day before.  

Fin is only four but is already an excellent reader.  Here's a little funny....  The closed captioning was on while we were watching the Josh Gates shark show.  A few minutes went by and he very seriously asked if I could slow down the words because he couldn't read that fast.  ROFL!  YES...he can read them.  Incredible.  I'm very proud of my son and daughter-in-law for encouraging the love of reading.  But I digress.....

My final Shark Week creation is a book mark made specifically for Fin.  He wanted purple, pink and blue.  No problem.

I really enjoyed making each and every one of these cards.  It took some creative thinking (as well as creative masking) but I love stretching my stamps in new ways.

If you made it this far, thank you so very much.  I will be back to online challenges this week.  Hope you stop by again soon.

See you on the crafty side....


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  1. a card maker, AND a reader?? Jackpot! Every card is a keeper... or should I say 'sender!' So happy you had such a fun Shark Week with this dude!