Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Today's Challenge - Birthday Tag

Tags are a great way to spur your creativity on a much smaller scale than a traditional card.  I love to have them on hand for my teenage daughter who often goes through my stash in search of just a little something to add to a friend's gift.  I've recently come across a challenge that helps keep my tag stash full.  You can find it at the  Tag You're It Challenge Blog.

The current challenge is to create an interactive tag.  It's always fun to see what ideas other makers come up with.  I chose to add a very simple spinner element to a birthday tag.

To create the tag you will need to cut out two tags as well as stamp, cut and color two pieces of the cake.  The two pieces serve as front and backs.  Sandwich a short piece of thread in between the tag layers before gluing them together and add the cake die cut to the front and back of the string.  Easy-Peasy!


misc cardstock and twine
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  1. a DARLING spin on a birthday gift tag, Julie! I'm so happy to hear someone has a daughter who appreciates their craft! lol

    1. Thank you! A little funny...a made graduation gift bags for my daughter's friends which of coursethey all loved. But one friend (since kindergarten) mentioned that she had been looking forward to one of my cards and was sad there wasn't one in the bag. *heart* You can bet I made her a special grad card just for her. :-)