Tuesday, December 24, 2019

My Holiday Card

My posts have been fairly sparse this month but I'm sure you can all relate.  December is just a busy, busy time for everyone. 

After much procrastinating I managed to finish my cards and have them postal in time for the holidays.  (Well, maybe not for my Canadian friends but Happy New Year to you friends!  LOL!)  As I've probably mentioned before, I mass produce my Christmas cards.  Each year I pick one design and create them assembly line fashion.  This is my 2019 design....

Stamps from MFT

If I'm being entirely honest (and when aren't I?) I'm not in love with this year's card.  I chose a snowman thinking that it would be easy but my CAS gene wasn't entirely in gear when it came to the coloring and blinging.  I kept adding little time consuming details to a card that didn't even meet my expectations so that by the time I was barely half done,  I. WAS. OVER. IT.  

So my thoughts for next year.....

Mass producing one design (as opposed to creating dozens of different cards) eliminates the stress of me having to figure out "who got what card" each year.  Over the years however the number of cards I mail out has increased significantly.  Mass producing one design when my mailing list was 35-40 wasn't a big deal but now that I'm at 85 cards, it's just downright boring.  Not to mention that I have very little self control when it comes to shopping for all those cute holiday stamps and dies.  As a category they make up the majority of my stamps so why am I limiting myself to just one for my cards????  (Don't get the wrong idea, I do use many for my holiday tags so they're not all unused but I could be getting much more out of the larger images.)  

After far more internal debates than necessary *blush* I have decided to create 4-5 different designs each year...15-20 cards per design.  I think that will help with the boredom, utilize my stash more efficiently (as well as justify my spending habits) AND I will still be able to keep track of the cards vs. recipients so there's never any duplicates.  Bottom line....Jules Needs Some Variety. 

What's your preferred holiday card method?  Do you get bored with mass production?  If you aren't a mass producer, do you stress over the "did I send her this image/card last year?" syndrome?  I'd love to hear your thoughts.

I'm hoping to get back to online challenges and return to a regular posting schedule in a few days.  I hope each and every one of you has a fabulous holiday, no matter what you celebrate.  Thanks so much for following along with me.




  1. No matter how many times you repeated this guy, I was pleased as Christmas punch to receive one, Jules!! Can you believe I don't own this set?? I'm adding it to my list to borrow when we gather!
    Hope we can make it happen in 2020!! Merry Christmas, my friend - I'm so happy you re-booted this blog of yours, and am so excited to see what you'll make in 2020!

  2. Belated Merry Christmas! Your snowman is a cutie, but I would be bored after... four? :D My thoughts are... if people want to look back to see if I sent them a similar card previously, hey, go for it. IT'S AMAZING I MANAGED TO SEND YOU A CARD AT ALL!