Sunday, September 1, 2019

Sisterhood of the Snarky Stampers

Before my reign as Queen officially begins I'd like to share my card for the current challenge at the Sisterhood.  The theme is V for Violent.

I would like everyone to know that I am not a violent person.  Grumpy at times, yes.  (Especially before coffee.)  But never violent.  But I can be snarky, especially when it comes to my hard work and effort.  Hence my challenge card using one of my favorite stamps from Art Impression Stamps.  I call her Gladys.

Never fear if the visible sentiment isn't snarky enough.  I did some partial die cutting with a rectangular die to create a flap which contains a special message for the recipient.  

Rest assured, Gladys will be none too happy if she finds this card in the trash.

You have been warned!


Other supplies include sentiments from Cathy Zielske at CZ Designs as well as Unity Stamps.  The image was colored in with Copic markers.

Thanks for stopping by.  Always appreciated.

See you on the crafty side....



  1. Gladys seems just right for this grumpy/violent dame! (She looks a little like someone I know, who shall remain nameless...) Excellent colouring, design and snark! Thanks for joining the fun at the Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers, my friend!

  2. I just love your card, that sentiment!lol

  3. Ha ha ha ha that is FABULOUS!!!
    Red hat ladies scare the shite out of me, whenever I have encountered a group of them, they are seriously aggressive!!
    (I can't wait to join them!!)
    Thanks for getting VIOLENT with Edna and the sisterhood of snarky stampers!

  4. You know what they say, red hat, fur coat... Brilliant card, love the hidden sentiment.

  5. Brilliant! Love that sentiment. Thanks for getting violent with the sisterhood, Jo x