Monday, August 19, 2019

Twofer Card Challenge

I discovered this challenge at my friend Michele's blog over at I Card Everyone.  She recently posted a pair of cards for the Twofer Card Challenge.  The idea is that you take a single stamp/die/stencil and create two completely different cards...both in design and sentiment/occasion. 

They announce a theme for each challenge, the current one being nautical.  

I created my first card with a girlfriend in mind.  She has a birthday coming up and she is a very devout environmentalist, her main passion being sea turtles.  (Sure hoping they count as nautical!)

I thought this sea turtle from SimonSaysStamp holding a balloon would make a cute card to go along with a Skip a Straw/Save a Turtle T shirt I purchased for her.  

Card number two is an encouragement card featuring the same turtle die but this time he has a couple of  friends to tag along with him.  


The wavy lines and cardstock are both from HeroArts.  I created two identical heat embossed panels and trimmed one along the curved lines to create some dimension. I wanted them to look like they're heading out for a great adventure into the big blue yonder off our Atlantic Coast.  

Here's one last photo featuring both cards side by side.  Same die.  Totally different cards.  I love this concept!

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope to see you all on the crafty side.....



  1. Hi Jules! Welcome to your first time at TCC and welcome to Blogland, where you will find lots of support and encouragement! Your sea turtles are very welcome at this Nautical challenge and I love how you have showcased them on both your turtle-loving friend's birthday card and as a small gang on your encouragement/friendship card! Your designs are very thoughtful and you have a real eye for detail! Thank you so much for playing in Twofer Card Challenge #19! I look forward to seeing you in future galleries! Hugs, Darnell

  2. Oh Julie, you aced it on your very first try!! Looks like you passed the test with the boss up there, too!!! Gold stars for that, and for each of these TURTLE-Y awesome cards!! LOve the current on the navy... and this birthday card for your thoughtful friend will be loved, I'm sure of it...we NEVER use straws, btw!!

  3. Turtle-y awesome! (Bah, I see somebody's already said that, I thought I was being original). Beautiful cards with a lot of thought behind them too, the first one is perfect for with your friend's gift.

  4. These little turtles absolutely qualify for our Nautical theme, Julie! They remind me of the photos my friend sent showing her granddaughter helping newly hatched sea turtles make it safely to the water. I'm sure your friend will appreciate your thoughtfulness as that birthday card is adorable! Such a sweet blue balloon, too. Love the blues on your second card as well. Looks like the little fellas made it out into deeper water and are enjoying life in the ocean. Great designs, and I especially love that turtle die! Thanks for joining us at the Twofer Challenge! Bev